Beach Conditions


Please call our Beach Conditions Hotline at 954-828-4597 for more information. Enjoy our beautiful beach and stay safe!


Sunday, October 22nd, 2017                                                                                           

Weather Forecast:

Windy with scattered thunderstorms with a 50% chance of rain.    

Marine Forecast:

Seas 2-3 foot Northeast chop

Ocean Water Conditions:

2-3 ft east chop. Rip currents.

Intracoastal Water Conditions:


Air Temperature:

80- 85
Water Temperature (Ocean): 84 degrees.

High Tide:

10:30 AM 

Low Tide:

4:30  PM

Wind Direction/Speed:

NE at 15-20 mph

Sea Pests:

Moon Jelly FIsh

Current Warning Flags:

We will be flying  RED and PURPLE FLAGS for HIGHLY hazardous ocean conditions and Moon Jelly Fish. Remember the ocean is always a potential dangerous place, so please swim in front of a lifeguard and check with that lifeguard before entering the ocean. Conditions are always subject to change. Thank you and have a safe day.