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Here are some of the exciting events coming to the War Memorial Auditorium!

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MARCH 30TH 5:30pm
WAR MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM 800 NE 8th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
Doors Open at 4:30pm
Fights Start at 5:30pm for tickets
$600 Front Row Table of 10
$60 Front Row Table Seat
$500 2nd Row Table of 10
$50 2nd Row Table Seat
$40 General Admission

Black Belt NOGI Light Weight Title
Vagner Rocha (VRMMA) vs Bill Cooper (Paragon)

Co Main Event
Female Black Belt NOGi Feather Weight Title
Tubby Alequin (Hands Down Martial Arts) vs Ana Carolina Vieira (GFT)

240lbs Black Belt Gi
Sam Mccoy (American Top Team) vs Ricardo Ribiero (Alliance)

225lbs Black Belt Gi
Rodrigo Mendes (RMBJJ) vs Leon Barrocas (Fight Sports)

205lbs Black Belt NOGi
Daniel Druker (Fight Sports) vs Coringa Conway (Ironlife)

205lbs Black Belt Gi
Vitor Schlosser (Schlosser Jiu Jitsu) vs Jarrod Anderson (Gamblers Jiu Jitsu)

205lbs Black Belt Gi
Jorge Santiago (Excel Jiu Jitsu) vs Paulo Azambuja (Fight Sports)

200lbs Black Belt Gi
Clauber Bonatto (Schlosser BJJ) vs Joseph Shane “Zezinho” Riveira (Liborio BJJ)

195lbs Black Belt NOGI
Marcelo Meleiro (Rilion Gracie) vs Efrain Ruiz (Fight Sports)

185lbs Black Belt NOGI
Corey Brown (Black Tie BJJ) vs Gabriel Sacramento (ATOS)

180lbs Black Belt Gi
Dennis Pinto (Fight Sports) vs Antonio Cicconi (Gracie Barra)

175lbs Black Belt Gi
David Huie (ATT) vs Fernando Latorre (Atos)

170lbs Black Belt Gi
Alexandre Pimentel (Elite Force BJJ) vs AJ Agazarm (Gracie barra)

170lbs Black Belt NOGI
Enrico Cocco (Zen Jiu Jitsu) vs John Combs (Easton BJJ)

165lbs Black Belts NOGI
Joshua Garcia (Ghost Squad BJJ Teknica) vs Forrest Giovanni Moyano (Combat Club/Zenith)

160lbs Black Belt NOGI
Herbert Burns (Combat/Zenith) vs Ricky Semiglia (Mattix)

160lbs Black Belt Gi
Wilfrido Roberto Retto (Gordo Jiu Jitsu) vs Renato Tavares (Renato Tavares BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt GI
Fabio Lopes (Fight Sports) vs Oscar Cardona (Renato Tavares BJJ)

160lbs Black Belt Gi
Jake Ferrara (GFT) vs Mike Pepio (Fight Sports/UFC gym)

145lbs Black Belt Gi
Jay Oliveira (Fight Sports) vs Jeff Nies (ATT)

145lbs Black Belt Gi
Adam Ferrara (GFT) vs Rodrigo Oliveira (Fight Sports)

205lbs Brown Belt Gi
Kalil Nascimento (Fight Sports) vs Eric Schlosser (Schlosser BJJ)

185lbs Brown Belt NOGi
Adrian Benavides (VRMA) vs Mauricio Huaroto (Ghost squad )

155lbs Brown Belt Gi
Orlando Castillo (Fight Sports) vs Daniel Fundora (Ghost Squad BJJ

150lbs Brown Belt NOGI
Mauricio Gomez (Att ) vs Joseph Gabbard (VRMA)

135lbs Brown Belt GI
Gina Sanchez (Alliance) vs Claudia Cardona (Renato Tavares BJJ)

160lbs Puprle Belt GI
Maggie Grindatti (Fight Sports) vs Kelsey Desantis (ATT)

155lbs Purple Belt GI
Danny Collazo (VRMA) vs Matthew Arias (Miami WMB)

140lbs Purple Belt NOGi
Holly Jones (The Armory) vs Caitlin Sammons (Iron Life)

135lbs Purple Belt NOGI
Kevin Granados Munoz (Christian Carvalho BJJ) vs Heriberto Leumusm (FFA)

130lbs Blue Belt NOGi
Alanis Santiago (Gracie Barra) vs Jasmine Rocha (VRMA)

105lbs Teen NOGI
Enrique Sanchez (Trillo Jiu Jitsu) vs Frankie Ciprianni (Gamblers Jiu Jitsu)

95lbs Orange Belt Gi
Tristan Sainz (Team Alpha Miami) vs Bryan Picallo (VRMA)



Saturday Pre-judging 9am and Championships 6pm

Men and women ranging in age from senior citizens to young adults and teenagers registered with the National Physique Committee (NPC) will compete in the 2018 NPC Southern States Championships.

The 38th Annual NPC Southern States Fitness will feature exciting competition in Figure, Fitness, Bikini, Physique and Bodybuilding. The contest one of the largest NPC regional national qualifier East of the Mississippi. The NPC is part of the International Federation of Body Builders (IFBB) and sanctions amateurs in the sport in the United States. The two day event of competition will also feature nearly 20 vendors highlighting the latest advancements in supplements, food, clothing and training information at the War Memorial Auditorium in Ft. Lauderdale, FL .


Saturday 10am-5pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

$6.00 for adults