Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I want to meet with a planner to discuss my upcoming proposal.  How do I schedule an appointment?

"Professional Days" appointments can be scheduled to provide one-on-one meetings with department staff, answer questions, and resolve issues regarding outstanding permits, plan review, final DRC sign-offs, etc.  To schedule a Professional Day appointment with Planning & Zoning, call 954-828-8980.

I want to find out information regarding a particular zoning district or section of the code.  How can I review the City’s code or Unified Land Development Regulations (ULDR)?

You can use the City's online Municipal Code.

I have a question regarding the permitted uses and required setbacks for my property.  Who can I call?

For general zoning information, call the Zoning Counter at 954-828-3266 or 954-828-5203.

I need an application for the Development Review Committee (DRC), Planning & Zoning Board (PZB), Historic Preservation Board (HPB), etc.  Can I get this online?

All development applications are available online as Portable Document Files or PDF’s. 

Can I get my DRC comments before the meeting?

Although you may wait to receive your DRC comments at the scheduled meeting, it is strongly recommended that you review the comments beforehand.  Please call the Planning & Zoning Department at 954-828-6531 on the Monday before the meeting after 12:00 noon to check if your DRC comments are ready for pick-up.  You may also view the DRC comments online when they are posted.

How do I get Final-DRC sign-off?

To receive Final-DRC sign-off (which must occur prior to applying for a building permit), the following steps must be taken:

  1. Obtain a “Final-DRC Sign-Off - Applicant Information Sheet” and submit six (6) complete, signed and sealed sets of revised site documents to the Planning & Zoning counter to have the “Final-DRC Sign-Off” stamp affixed.
  2. Route the five sets of plans to the appropriate DRC members for review and sign off.  It is the applicant’s responsibility to pass the plans on to the various DRC members for review and sign off.  The project planner is the last person to sign off for Final-DRC approval. 

I am submitting an application for a development proposal.  How long will it take to complete the review and approval process?

There is no definitive time frame for a project to receive approval.  In most cases, you must first submit an application for the DRC.  After the DRC meeting, applicants will either route a set of plans for signature in order to be placed on the Planning & Zoning Board agenda, or route six (6) sets of plans for final DRC sign-off (see above).  The length of time it takes to complete this process is determined by a number of factors including how quickly an applicant responds to DRC comments, and how quickly they can route their plans to the DRC members for signatures.