E-Permitting Process

Our e-permiting process will be streamlined to online submission only. All e-permits previously accepted via email will now be accepted through online forms and document uploading.  

This new process will allow for the electronic submittal, routing, review and issuance of approved e-permit types. It will also take the department one step closer toward our ultimate goal of a paperless permit process.  

To use the e-permitting service, you must first ensure that you have all documentation either scanned or in electronic format (pdf format required). The Broward County Uniform Permit Application is already a fillable form for your convenience. Be certain to include all necessary and completed notarization. Next, complete the pertinent online form (links provided below) and upload your permit application and back-up documentation. When prompted to pay via email, pay the permit application fees online with your VISA, MasterCard, or America Express. If there is additional information needed, you will be prompted to upload the documents via the e-permit online corrections form. If your application is complete, you will be emailed an official permit for you to print and post at the job site. Please note that all forms have a "save as draft" feature which will allow you to complete the process at a later time.  

We will accept e-permit applications from City-registered contractors for trade permits when there is a master building permit and plans already on file. We will also accept selected "stand alone" trade permits by City registered contractors (see below for specific permits allowable via e-permitting).

NOTE: Please do NOT fax or email your payments. All payments should be made online after receiving confirmation via email that your application is complete and ready for payment.

Stand-Alone Trade Permits by Contractors

Stand-alone e-permit online form 

When no plans are required to be submitted for approval and there is no master building permit on file; select your applicable permit, as listed below, and follow the procedures shown.

NOTE: A Notice of Commencement is required for all permits where the job costs are greater than $2,500. This does not apply to a direct contract to repair or replace an existing heating or air-conditioning system in an amount less than $7,500.

Plumbing Permits

Allowable E-permit Types  Requirements
 Pipe Repair  No plans required.
 Fixture Remove/Replace  No plans required for one (1) toilet. Plans required for all other plumbing fixtures. 
 Water Heater (tank only)  No plans required.
 Water Services  No plans required.
 Backflow Installation  No plans required. * Additional information below
 Domestic Water Meters  No plans required. Please specify size in description (page 2 of permit app) 
 Irrigation Water Meters  No plans required. * Additional information below
 Sewer Caps  No plans required.

* Backflow requirements are in the City's Municipal Code of Ordinances in sections 28-152 and 28-153. Please review backflow requirements for meter installations and include this information in the e-permit application (e.g. irrigation meters, fire services, high hazard facilities, and properties with alternate water sources.)

Electrical Permits

 Allowable E-permit Types  Requirements
 Burglar Alarm  Specify device type and quantity.
 Service Change  Riser diagram required. 
 Low Voltage   Specify device type and quantity.
 Service Repair  Riser diagram required. 

Mechanical Permits

 Allowable E-permit Types  Requirements
 A/C Change-out (replacements)  Notice of Acceptance (NOA) or Product Approval required.



Sub-permit only e-permit online form 

Electrical, mechanical, and plumbing permits when the master building permit has been issued. 

NOTE: You must provide the master permit number on the permit application.

Void, Renew or Change of Contractor 

Void/Renew Permit or Change Contractor Online Form

Use this form to request that a permit be voided, renewed or request a change of contractor.

Once your application is received in Building Services, it will be processed on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Every effort will be made to have your permit issued within two working days. When we have completed the processing, we will email you a validated copy of the permit and you may begin work and request inspections by calling 954-828-5191.

If you do not currently have an email address, please note that there are several simple options you can use to obtain one for free.

Please feel free to contact Sophia Campbell, 954-828-5706, if you have any questions or comments on the procedure.